Postpartum Pelvic Steaming

Postpartum Pelvic Steaming is used worldwide on every continent for healing birth injuries and trauma, emotional relief and comfort, pelvic floor recovery, and full postpartum recovery. 30 to 40 days of consecutive postpartum pelvic steaming is THE BEST time to clear up any pre-pregnancy conditions/ imbalances/ reproductive issues. People who follow the postpartum steaming protocol combined with intensive rest have reported that they do not experience incontinence, prolapse, prolonged bleeding, unrecognizable genitalia, infections, lingering postpartum hemorrhoids, and fluid retention and swelling.


Indigenous midwives were the keepers of this traditional medicine practice of postpartum pelvic steaming. As birth became medicalized in the United States, many traditional practices were lost. Traditional medicine is being re-discovered all over again, and I am so excited to bring you this potent herbal medicine practice of postpartum pelvic steaming that brings deep relaxation and relief. Out of all the things you can do for postpartum care and recovery, postpartum pelvic steaming has the most wide reaching benefits of any therapy I have encountered.



Postpartum pelvic steaming takes place in your home during the first month after birth. Long-distance packages are also available if you are not located in the DMV area. If you never received postpartum pelvic steaming after birth, you can still do your 30 day protocol at a later time and experience much benefit! However, if possible, pre-plan your postpartum care and put it on your birth registry because postpartum pelvic steaming directly after birth is such a relief for the body and can begin on Day 2 postpartum. If birth occurred via C-section, you must wait till 6 weeks post-birth to begin steaming.

Postpartum Pelvic Steaming Benefits

*This list is what users and clients have commonly reported*

I do not make claims to cure, treat, or mitigate disease. 

  • Aids in Would Healing &
    Scar Tissue Softening
  • Reduced Anxiety & Improved Mood
  • Increased Milk Production
  • Deep
    Relaxation, Relief, & Aids in Deep Sleep
  • Clears out the Lochia
  • Reduces & Stops Postpartum Contractions
  • Cleans Stitches & Tears
  • Reduces uterus back to size
  • Tones the Vaginal Canal
  • Prevention, Reversal, or Reduction of Organ Prolapse
  • Lifts organs back to optimal positions
  • Immediately Reduces Skin/ Genital Swelling
  • Regulates Elimination of the bowels, bladder, & incontinence
  • Reduces or Resolves Postpartum Hemorrhoids 
  • Disperses Bloating & Water Retention
  • Helps to shed the pregnancy weight
  • Helps with a healthy period return
*I am currently not accepting new steaming clients. Please email me for a referral if you would like to steam.​