Traditional East-Asian Postpartum Care, also referred to as time by the fire, sitting out the month, and the sacred window is a time of intensive rest, nourishment, protection, and warmth for the birthing parent during the first 40 days after birth. This is a potent window to set yourself up for radiant health and longevity, laying the foundation for years to come. It must be well planned for because when baby comes the most important thing for you to do is rest. 

The way you plan for the postpartum time and arrange for others to care for you during this 40 day window sets you up for the next 42 years of life and health according to Traditional East-Asian medicine.

Special postpartum practices and rituals that are done daily during this time are belly binding, 30 to 40 consecutive days of postpartum pelvic steaming, and eating warm, nourishing foods. Gua Sha and herbal chest steaming are used for clogged ducts and mastitis prevention and resolution.

To begin your postpartum preparations, I invite you to read or listen to The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson (non-inclusive language used) and add all your postpartum treatments to your baby registry or blessingway to ensure you get this vital care. Postpartum care is a necessity for full healing and recovery-both physical and emotional for the birthing parent, thus affecting babies well-being and inter-personal and community relationships. Slow down now, so you can speed up later. 


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