About Reviving Fire

Reviving Fire was started in 2017 by Laura Durbin (pronouns are she/her/hers). Laura is a Pelvic Steaming Facilitator and Labor and Postpartum Pelvic Steaming Practitioner serving the DMV area. Her office is located in Montgomery Village, Maryland. She is passionate about helping people to feel at ease, joyful, and at home in their bodies. She is a trauma-informed health practitioner and is LGBTQIA affirming. 

​Reviving Fire specializes in helping people heal from and prevent pelvic floor imbalances, reproductive diagnosis, & menstrual cycle imbalances through every stage of life from menarche to the menstruating years to labor preparation and postpartum recovery, to perimenopause, menopause, & post-surgery healing. For those who do not have menstrual cycles, please continue reading! Pelvic steaming can benefit those with or without menstrual cycles. 


Pelvic Steaming is instrumental in helping the body to heal from pain and discomfort associated with sex, scar tissue healing, STIs, infections, prolapse, or hemorrhoids. Pelvic Steaming is for All Bodies. Here at Reviving Fire, we blend Eastern & Western elemental modalities such as pelvic steaming, full body herbal steam saunas, and gua sha to awaken your bodies natural wellness and health.


I welcome you to this ancient practice of bodywork therapies that people have been using for 1000s of years to ensure longevity, vitality, and a smooth transition from one life stage to the next.


If you live in the DMV area, you can schedule an in person pelvic steaming consultation. Long-distance consultations and at home steaming setups are also available.



Reviving Fire

Located in Maryland, USA: Serving the DMV area

Email: RevivingFire@gmail.com

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