Community Steaming:


Womxn's Steaming 

1st & 3rd Tuesdays


Pregnant (38weeks+) & Postpartum Steaming 2nd & 4th Wednesdays



Community Steaming is a sliding scale group session space offered by Reviving Fire. This LGBTQIA affirming space has one room dedicated to Pelvic Steaming with 4 steaming stations and a second room dedicated to the Full Body Herbal Steam Sauna (capacity of 4 per steam round). If clinic isn't too busy, gua sha is also an available therapy. 

The vision of community steaming is to offer accessible treatments while creating a diverse, safe, & inclusive space for community connections and deep healing. Pre-registration is required. 
To secure your spot, please send $15 via paypal to In the notes section, list what services you would like to receive and what time slot you would like to book. The $15 is non-refundable, but when you pay for your services at clinic it is included in your total payment. I will send a confirmation and preparation email to your paypal email confirming your appointment and providing you with the address. 
Available Time Slots: You can book on the hour. I recommend setting aside 1.5 hours for the steam sauna ( you can do up to 2, 20 minute rounds), 1 hour for a pelvic steam session, and 45 minutes for gua sha. When time slots fill up it will be posted below. 
Sliding Scale:
Pelvic Steaming: ($30-80) 
Full Body Herbal Steam Sauna: ($30-80) 
Gua Sha: ($30-80)
Each person who wishes to receive a pelvic steaming session will fill out a pelvic steaming intake prior to arriving to make sure steaming is safe for you. Everyone will be given a steaming gown or waist wrap so you will not be exposed. 
Pelvic Steaming Intake Form
Each person who wishes to participate in the Full Body Herbal Steam Sauna or Gua Sha will fill out this waiver prior to arriving at clinic to make sure steaming or gua sha is safe for you.
Full Body Herbal Steam Sauna Waiver Bathing suit bottoms must be worn in the steam sauna. Tops optional. Up to 4 people may be in the sauna at the same time. 
You must bring a water bottle, 2 towels, and bathing suit bottoms if you are doing the full body steaming. Fill out your intake at least 1 day prior to clinic if possible. The sooner the better! 
Pelvic Steaming cannot be done while you are on your period or if you are pregnant. The end of pregnancy starting at 38 weeks is the exception to this rule.
Pelvic steaming is safe for labor preparation starting at 38 weeks of pregnancy. All of the therapies are excellent for postpartum recovery. Gua Sha can be used at the end of pregnancy to get labor going. 
Babies in arms are welcome. If you are just doing pelvic steaming and/ or gua sha you can come with just you and your baby. If you are doing the full body steam sauna you must bring a friend so you can take turns holding baby.
Ages 10 and up OR young people who have already gotten their periods and need help regulating their menstrual cycle may participate in steaming if legal guardian is with them.
Community Steaming does not allow for in depth one on one consultations or follow up email support. Laura Durbin does one on one pelvic steaming consultations, herbal steam sauna sessions, and gua sha sessions for those who have a lot of questions, want one on one care and privacy, follow up email support, menstrual cycle analysis, highly customized steaming plans, and lifestyle, dietary, and herbal recommendations.
For those who have just had a baby, 30 to 40 day postpartum steaming plans are created for you, and you can steam from the comfort of your home! Check out the postpartum pelvic steaming page for more information on this. 


Who Is Community Steaming For?
  • People Who Want To Steam Weekly For Health Maintenance

  • People Who Are Curious To Try Pelvic Steaming

  • People Who Are Curious to Try the Full Body Sauna

  • Ages 10 and up welcome (only if they are there to participate)

  • Non-pregnant people, pregnant people (38+ weeks), postpartum people

  • People On a Budget

  • People Who Love Community

  • People Who Want to Make New Connections

  • People Who Believe in Collective Healing

  • Diverse

    bodies, identities, and orientations